Our vision

MatBlas Limited is a commercial entrepreneurship company that has provided technical practical seminars and workshops to insurance and reinsurance professionals in London since 2008. Since our first course in April 2008, we have trained over 500 insurance professionals travelling from as far as the Middle East to attend our live courses in London. Prior delegates include professionals with all levels of experience from graduates and trainees to Chief Underwriting Officers and from all disciplines in insurance including: management, underwriting, actuarial, claims, legal, compliance, internal audit, IT and business intelligence and human resources.

Being one the very few (if not the only one) companies providing practical, easy to understand technical courses to the insurance industry means that the demand for our courses far exceeded our capacity to supply live seminars and workshops around the world. In 2012 we received requests to provide courses in the USA, the Caribbean, Continental Europe, the Middle East and Asia, while the demand in London itself far exceeded our availability.

With the development of new insurance markets, the technology available and the widespread use of on-line training initiatives such as Coursera and the Khan Academy; we knew the time was right to make our courses available to a wider geographical audience. Many of the basic courses free of charge.

Our vision is to provide practical technical training to insurance professional that anyone working in insurance can easily understand without complex formula and mathematical knowledge. Of course, we also provide more advance statistical and mathematical courses for actuaries and actuarial students.

All our courses use standard industry jargon and terminology often very different to the terminology used by academics in lectures and text books. Our applications and examples are all based on real life examples, with incomplete and imperfect data, where theory usually fails. Thus, delegates can always relate to situations they face on a day to day basis.